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LED Signaling

Turn signalling (manually or automatically activated via the app)

Braking lights (manually or automatically activated via the app, as well as activate automatically when the bike slows down)

In-motion riding lights

GPS Tracking & Mobile App

Map ride so that all signaling will activate automatically

Save your popular routes

Allow friends, colleagues and family to track your exact location at any time

Voice enabled, to allow for hands-free

Share rides with integrations to all popular social sites

Tracking for riders and their friends, colleagues and family

Microphone Connectivity

Plug in your headphones and microphone and have the ability to speak commands as you ride

Activate all the apps features hands-free

Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone

Safety & Emergency

If an accident occurs, the app will detect through motion sensors and will send SMS messages to your pre-programmed contacts alerting them, and provide the exact location

I like it, it’s snug! No one really knows when someone is turning. It’s good it can operate both manually and automatically.

Casual biker

Signalling is a good idea and will create another level of safety.

Regular biker

I think it looks pretty cool. I would like it, so I don’t have to stick out my hand, which makes it hard to turn.

Child biker