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The Features


  • Turn signaling (manually or automatically activated via the app)

  • Braking lights (manually or automatically activated via the app, as well as activate automatically when bike slows down)

  • In-motion riding lights

GPS Tracking & App

  • Map ride so that all signaling will activate automatically

  • Save your popular routes

  • Allow friends, colleagues and family to track your exact location at any time

  • Hands-free activation

  • Tracking for riders and their friends, colleagues and family

  • Voice enabled, to allow for hands-free

  • Share rides with integrations to all popular social sites

Safety & Emergency

  • If an accident occurs, the app will detect through motion sensors and will send SMS messages to your pre-programmed contacts alerting them, and provide the exact location

  • Emergency services will be notified immediately as well as with the exact location

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