We completely agree with this article by Constance Gibbs in the Daily News - switch the car to the bike, and lower your chances of heart disease by 25% BUT we also know the dangers that are associated with biking, and thats why we are heads down getting ready to launch the worlds first IoT biking safety smart vest - this way, bikers can feel confident that they are increasing their health and not risking it at the same time!


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Years ago commuting via bicycle was reserved for relatively small and quiet European cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, indeed many of us when picturing these cities will think of piles of bikes stacked up outside European cafés. But today biking is being encouraged as an alternative way of commuting in some of the worlds busiest and most popular cities like New York and London. It certainly is more popular than ever, but is it safe?

Many bicycle-sharing programs are now in full operation around the world, like New York’s Citi Bike that has over 500 stations and a daily ridership of over 25,000. Such initiatives make a lot of sense, given the majority of commute trips are under three miles, it’s certainly a healthie...

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